Rehabilitation Tax Credits for Owner-Occupied Buildings

Tax credits are one-time reductions of the amount of income taxes you owe to the State of Maryland. For rehabilitation projects, you can receive a tax credit equal to 20% of the qualified work you undertake on your historic home, provided that the building has both been certified as historic AND the work has been approved by the Maryland Historical Trust prior to starting.


The first step homeowners must take is to determine if their property is a single-family, owner-occupied residence and is eligible for the tax credit as a “certified historic structure.” Buildings that are single-family, owner-occupied residences are defined as “a structure or a portion of a structure occupied by the owner and the owner’s immediate family as their primary or secondary residence.” Single-family, owner-occupied can also include “a residential unit in a cooperative owned by or leased to a cooperative housing corporation…and leased for exclusive occupancy to, and occupied by, a member of the corporation and the member’s immediate family under a proprietary lease.” Units in mixed-use buildings and cooperative apartments may be eligible. The following eligibility criteria apply to “certified historic structures”:

For more information visit Maryland Historical Trust